The CO2TOO2 hunting is open !


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Take control of climate action !

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With the App « LesOxyMore », Let’s Win for Climate !

First climate game with real impact, it gives you the power to destroy carbon permits from your smartphone or tablet , and you earn O2 vouchers in return to buy climate-friendly products and services.

The CO2TOO2 hunting is a simple and funny way to « act globally and consume differently », for more climate justice in the world.

The Digital Event at COP21

A real impact game



What are the O2 ?

You will earn them when playing, they are your new powers concentrated in one coin :

- on one side, your voucher to purchase climate friendly products and services from the partners of the initiative…
- on other side, your demand to delete pollution permits through neutroclimat®

Who are LesOxyMore ?

They are the transformation makers for you, and your allies to produce more Oxygen.They get from the CO2TOO2 enemies to defeat, unsuspected resources of Oxygen, one foot in the past, one foot in the future.

Gamers !

Take the control now , chase the CO2TOO2.

Alone or in teams, with friends, in your company, in your university, let’s win together for climate !


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You are a supplier of climate-friendly products or services ?

Present your eco-innovations, and be part of the initiative !


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You are a company engaged in the carbon transition ?
Assert your climate commitment, your innovations CSR or your emission reduction projects around the world. Take part in the initiative.


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